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Extreme Weight Loss: Recap For August 6, 2013

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Recap For August 6, 2013

Hello and welcome to Extreme Weight Loss on ABC. Tonight, we meet Alyssa, a young lady who turned to food as comfort after the loss of her mother.  My heart breaks listening to her story.

After we hear her story, we see Chris Powell greet her at work. She works in a call center and he pretends to be a customer. In reality, he is in her office. It is cute to see.

They begin her transformation doing a half mile run of her taking her life back. I like how they start off slow so she can work her way up to more intense workouts.  

At her weigh in, she discovers she is 414 lbs. She is ready to change her life for the better. As she runs, she realizes how much her mother would want what is best for her so she decides to use her as her motivation.

Paulette the nutritionist helps her find some candy substitutes such as fruit smoothies.

When she gets back to her house, she is surprised by seeing everything completely made over. She is over the moon, but the thing that touches her the most is having her mother's jewelry. I am in tears again!

She walks outside and sees her family, friends and almost everyone in her town. There is also a pool treadmill complete with surround sound. I want one!

Her goal is to lose 105 lbs in 90 days. Although she is working hard, she is at the point where she is making herself sick. Chris is worried about her and says her body is going through a detox. He wants her to see how toxic her diet was so he says he is going to eat like she used to for a day and vice versa.

Breakfast is two breakfast sandwiches and two hash browns for Chris and a banana and what looks like some nuts? I missed what else he gave her. Chris can barely keep down what she usually eats.

He continues to eat donuts, fast food and before long he is literally making himself sick. He cannot continue.

Drew Manning, the personal trainer who famously gained weight to understand what his clients went through, arrives to talk to her and work out with them. He says the initial freedom was nice, but before long realized what a negative impact gaining weight had on his life. He was self conscious, but realized how his clients felt about being overweight.

Alyssa continues to work hard and before long it is time for her weigh in.

Starting weight: 414 lbs. She now weighs 306 lbs, losing 108 lbs.

If she loses 60 lbs for her next phase, he will take her snowboarding in Canada. He will take her regardless, but wants to see her meet her goal.

However, it is not as easy as it was in phase one. She is overeating, got sick and is purging. When the phase is over, she meets Chris in Canada and breaks down. He wants her to know he is there for her through everything, but only when she is ready. He offers to have her talk to Heidi because she has been through eating disorders.

He weighs her in, but won't tell her what her new weight is. We know it is 266 lbs. She has lost 40 more lbs.

Alyssa and Heidi talk about eating disorders and fixating on the number on the scale. They share their struggles and how hard it is to overcome.

Chris tells her her next phase is to hit 1500 calories every day and he will take her t Arizona with them.

They enjoy some time on the slopes and then he surprises her with a lesson from Lindsay Jacobellis.

When they get to Arizona, Heidi helps her make some foods so she doesn't feel deprived. She has more energy and able to do her workouts.

Alyssa and Heidi have another chat and she promises she is there for her.

At the next weigh in, she weighs 216 lbs and 50 more lbs down.

She goes to the doctor and finds out that she has so much extra skin that it is not the right time to give her the surgery right now. She is very upset about this and is afraid about not feeling good about herself.

Alyssa spends time with Jackie from season two. Jackie gives her advice and support as they work out together.

Before long, it is time for Alyssa's reveal. She looks so beautiful and talks about the ups and downs of her journey. Chris promises to take her for her surgery when the time comes.

She started at 414 and now weighs….204 lbs. She didn't quite meet her goal, but says she isn't done. She is happy with what she has done and working to find that balance.

Chris offers to take her to a place to help her with her eating disorder and help her find that balance. Alyssa is touched and loves all those who helped her.

Walmart surprises her with fresh produce and a gift card to help her maintain her healthy lifestyle.

She decides to go for treatment.

Join us next week for another Extreme Weight Loss. Goodnight.

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