Duck Dynasty: Recap For September 4, 2013

duck dynasty lead2Duck Dynasty
Recap For September 4, 2013

Hello and welcome to Duck Dynasty on A&E. Tonight, Jase and his kids stay with Willie and Korie. Hijinks ensue.

We open at the Duck Commander  Warehouse. The guys are hanging out. Jase's wife is out of town and house us unlivable, so it is decided that he will stay with Wille's family.

Si and the guys are playing a game where they throw a ball at a pyramid of cups. They compare Si to Gumby.

Willie comes home and sees Jase and the kids playing in a blanket teepee. Jase is also in Willie's chair and watching the game. Also….for some reason the other chair is wet. Willie is annoyed, but says it is only for a few days. The men argue a bit about the game and then it is time for dinner.

The next morning, Jase is making breakfast….at 4am. Willie says Jase is annoying and says he is waking everyone up. Jase also cooks the steak Willie wanted. Willie says he can't decide if he is angry or hungry. His stomach growls and he tells Jase to clean up the mess.

The guys are now playing ball. They tease Si about his lack of skill.

Jase has a beaver in the sink. Willie and Korie are not happy…nor are they happy with the crawfish in the bathtub. Willie wants them all gone. Korie says just get rid of the fish.

The guys now want to do an Indian leg race with Phil. He is not interested and says the only wrestling he does is with his wife. Si decides they should  instead go get something out of a tree while in the lake.

Jase is watching a movie when Willie tries and fails to tell him how he feels. He is torn between family and being annoyed.

Si and company are still in the lake trying to get the mystery object out of the tree. Well, Si is watching, the guys are working.  it is actually quite hilarious to watch.

Willie comes home finally ready to kick Jase out. He is then surprised with a special meal, courtesy of Jase. They finally talk and realize they are family and love each other. Willie tries to hug him, but Jase runs away.

The episode ends with them praying and eating together.

Join us next week for more Duck Dynasty on A&E. Goodnight.

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