Big Brother 15 Updates, No Sex Tonight 2:30 am Friday 8-16-13

Big Brother 15 Updates, No Sex Tonight 2:30 am Friday 8-16-13

We return from a long session with the fish.

HOH: McCrae says I don't care. Amanda says it is to hot and I can't take it anymore. Spencer puts his shoes on. Amanda leaves. Spencer says it is copywritten and won't make airtime. McCrae says I'll think of something. They all head downstairs. GM complaining of "Candy's mess"

Feeds to Storage room: Amanda says I'm going to the bathroom, grab or sheet. He says no, I don't want a sheet. She says do it without a sheet, ohhh. They walk to the bathroom. Amanda goes into the toilet. Spencer brushing his teeth. McCrae says I'm kinda tired actually and begins brushing his teeth.

Kitchen: Helen is out of the DR and helping GM clean the oven. Amanda walks by and looks at them, smirks and walks to the back of the house. GM says and they say we don't clean. Helen says ok oven is clean. GM says dishes is done.


Helen putting the racks back in the oven. GM back to washing dishes. Spencer brings GM her mic and says good night. She tells him to leave it on the counter. Helen says there is a clean button, let's see what happens.


Graphics: Andy in bed. Spencer comes in and says I thought Helen was going to bed. Andy says I did too. Spencer says good HOH dude. Andy says aw, thanks.

Lounge: McCrae waiting for Amanda. She comes in, wearing her underwear and says you're in the position. She begins throwing pillows. McCrae says it is too hot. She lays down beside him and they start their loud, slurping kisses. McCrae says I feel sick. She says you do? He mumbles. She says did you eat too much. He says I'm tired and don't know if I can go to sleep. She says then just go to bed. He says stop that! Stop tickling my stomach. Amanda says why did you eat so much then. He mumbles about tomorrow (I hope they are both HN's... with GM and Spencer! I voted for the hot peppers lol)

Amanda whining. Obviously she wants sex and he doesn't. He yawns. He says she snapped at me. He says I'm going to be like I don't appreciate anything you say to me. He says I had to walk away, I was like, idunno. He says I don't like her. She is a f*ing elitist. Amanda says she is childish. McCrae says her brain is not developed, she can't separate... that is f*ed up. Amanda says kiss me. He complies. (inaudible whispering) Amanda says honey, let's go to bed. He takes his pizza and follows her. McCrae puts his pizza in the fridge and heads off to bed.

HOH: GM returns and sits talking with Aaryn while she gets ready for bed. Movie lines...


GM says my boobies are hard core nipply right now. They complain about the heat. GM says that is why I'm sleeping in shorts... She whispers and says I'll tellyou later. Aaryn says I'm still doing what I'm doing. GM says that could be potential money out of your pockets. It sucks that we are like that, it is hard but will get even harder. Aaryn complains that her stomach hurts. She says these HOH's are making me fat. GM says just make everyone eat half your sh*t.


Aaryn turns out the light, then goes into the bathroom for chapstick. She returns to the bed. GM says thanks for letting me stay up here. Aaryn says duh... They talk about the HOH gifts, then giggle about winning another HOH.

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