Big Brother 15 Updates: Get over the MVP vote alreayd 6:30 pm BBT Tues 7.23.13

Big Brother 15 Updates: Get over the MVP vote alreayd 6:30 pm BBT Tues 7.23.13

Helen and Howard finishing the chess game.

Patio we hear Kaitlin says I didn’t think I said anything that bad. Kaitlin whining about having to clean the refrigerator. Amanda telling her how she had to clean the cantelope after her.

Misc talk. Then back to the mvp voting.

Chess came is over. Amanda trashing Candice. Judd says she is a scrubby ass bitch. Appears Candice gave some hair extensions to Kaitlin. But after the hat incident with Aaryn she took them back. Now bashing Candice about using other peoples stuff. GM has brought out the profanity for us…nice.

Amanda leaves. GM says, did you notice when Candice comes in a room I leave. Ok, now really getting into the bashing. (I really have no desire to repeat and type it).

Amanda corners Judd in the storage room. He says, I don’t know, don’t tell anyone. She says who am I going to tell? She now is re-stating she thinks Howard has the mvp. They leave. in the kitchen.

Patio. Amanda joins crae and gm on the couch. GM still on the Candice bash. Amanda starts to bring up the other night when Candice talked to her…she stops. Kaitlin comes out. now talk of periods. Now talk of having their period and losing blood make them dizzy. Amanda and GM are acting like they are talking on the phone.

Elissa is sitting in the kitchen eating. Howard is making something to eat..but no talking at all.

Amanda is whispering what happened with Candice to GM. Crae leaves.

Back to the mvp talk again. Amanda is telling GM that he took the heat for mvp so she would put up Howard, but she didn’t . Now back on Candice and Saturday night. Amanda really laying it on thick. Really trashing her now. with GM sprinkling in a lot of profanity. I cant take it anymore sorry.

Kitchen with Elissa and Howard. No words spoken. Elissa leaves. Howard just sitting there eating his food.

Alfie out….have had my fill of the mean girls

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