Big Brother 15 Updates, Chatting and Bathing 9:00 pm BBT Monday 7-22-13

Big Brother 15 Updates, Chatting and Bathing 9:00 pm BBT Monday 7-22-13

HOH: McCrae and Amanda in the HOH bathtub (and Judd is sleeping in their bed and the graphics room... who is HOH anyway?) Amanda says I think we are the ony real people in here. McCrea agrees.

Hammock: Helen, Candice, Jessie, Andy with Elissa in a chair beside them. Candice talking about her schooling and jobs before finally settling in LA. Says her roommate was Joslyn on ANTM.

All Feeds HOH Bath: Amanda fixing McCrae's hair. Tells him he looks like a rock star. Talking about sculpting his beard. Amanda says a fish just yawn (can you blame it?) Amanda says you never touch me. It looks like I'm chasing you.

McCrae tells Amanda that she can talk, but not game. She watched the first again and says it yawned again.

Graphics: Aaryn talking with Judd. Aaryn tells him that she has Spencer, Howard who said they would vote to keep her and want to move forwrad with her because they are on the outs. She asks what he has been telling people when they ask? He says I tell them we have a few things to discuss. She says I tell them just wait and talk to Judd. Judd says tell them that you have nobody and Kaitlin is friends with everybody. Aaryn says they told me that they would work with me moving forward. I don't really care I just wanna... Judd says we'll figure it out. Says we need the next HOH. She nods. She walks to the kitchen as McCrae comes down from his bath.

Storage room: BB is telling McCrae to put on his mic... twice. Judd hands him a razor and tells him not to leave nasty hairs in the sink. McCrae returns to the HOH room. Judd goes outside.

Hammock: Spencer has joined the group. Jessie talking about her ex. She says he was selfish always putting his money away for himself. Candice says if a man wants you he will pursue you and there is nothing he won't do to get you. Spencer says Marilyn loves me because I'm a provider. Helen talks about her husband being the provider and that her main job is taking care of the house and raising the children, traditional roles.

Patio: Judd, Jessie and GM. Judd talking about how Elissa just sits around in her mansion. He says I would do good for other people, not waste it on a house. He says she is not talking 500K, she is talking about millions of dollars. Judd says she was talking about a ring costing 30K, what world does she live in. I wouldn't want a girl that wanted that kind of ring when for 100K you could buy a house. GM talking about how expensive it is to live in NY. Jessie tells her it is much cheaper to live in TX. Jessie asks GM is she is ok, then reassures her she is safe.

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