Big Brother 15 Updates “Thank You Judd” 12:00 PM BBT, Wednesday, 7-17-13

In the kitchen Helen, Elisssa, Jeremy, Howard, Judd and Spencer are in the kitchen talking about the News broad cast that they are planning to do today. BB calls out that the bathroom needs to be cleaned including the mirror. Judd gets started, Helen makes her way over there and Elissa says you haven’t even used that bathroom don’t clean it.  Elissa asks Jeremy if he slept well, he said yes except he slept on his arm.

BB: calls out Judd thank you very much (Because he did the mirrors in the bathroom). The other guests are making breakfast, and or cleaning the kitchen. 

Howard is in the photo booth room doing his bible session.

Spencer and Helen are cleaning the bathroom up. Jeremy is sweeping!! (WHAT I CAN’T BELIEVE IT)

McCrae and Amanda are still asleep in the Have-Not room.

{sidebar id=8}In the Kitchen elissa asks do you think Nick was an undercover cop, Jeremy laughs and says he could be. Elissa say GinaMArie figured it out last night, because he is always were his hoodie, hat and glasses. They both laugh,.

Judd and Spencer are talking Judd says it is going to be a close vote, Spencer looks worried. Judd just started laughing. Judd spoke with GinaMarie last night about voting for Jeremy. Spencer says I think Jeremy is trying to make a deal with Helen and Elissa. Judd says yea but they aren’t listening. Spencer says who is he trying to get out? Judd says you. GM blames us for him going home the most.

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