Hello and welcome to Opposite Worlds on Syfy. When we left off,  Charles broke his leg and JR and Lisette were chosen as The Deciders. America also voted on who got to were the most (and least) popular players.

Tonight's episode will have a Duel of Destiny, which will result in someone being eliminated.

Luke Tibble reminds us about what happened last night and that either JR or Lisette will choose who will participate in the Duel of Destiny.

The teams discuss strategy and get a clue that states 'what comes up must come down.' Lisette is worried about the outcome if she is the Decider.  Both teams try to figure out what it means and how to play up their strengths.

The teams come together in the present. Lisette asks about Charles, which offends his fellow teammates. She has no idea why they are acting like this, so she decides to try to get inside their heads and figure out their strengths and weaknesses.

JR and Jeffry talk. JR wants information and Jeffry thinks they are forming an alliance.

The teams head back to their worlds and discuss the information they learned. Lisette and JR are talking to their teams and trying to figure out who they want to to be in the dual of destiny.

Luke says Charles is going to be okay, but can no longer be in the competition. However, he stops by to say goodbye. He is going to need surgery as well. Wyatt really takes Charles's departure hard because they are both military. He vows to keep fighting for him.

We send Charles our best wishes as well!

The teams meet with Luke once more and discuss last night's challenge. Jesse says he apologizes for his role in the injury. Wyatt does not accept this and the two guys bicker until Luke tells them to be quiet.

After some chatter about how the contestants will handle the Duel of Destiny, Luke says that JR is the decider. He says he will do anything to weaken the opposing team and get into the future.

The Duel of Destiny will be between Rachel and Angela. They now must enter the arena and gear up. Tonight, one of them will be eliminated.


They have three minutes to do as many laps in an obstacle course as they can. The one with the most points (one per lap) will win. If it is a tie, the one who is further along in the next lap will win.

Rachel struggles in lap one, while Angela seems to be doing well. Angela wins with three laps completes, resulting in Rachel getting eliminated. However, her team gets her blankets and towels to warm her up. There are also lots of hugs before she leaves.

However, it isn't over yet! The teams are sent back to their worlds and Luke announces the results from last night's Twitter vote.

JR is the favorite and will get a prize. Jeffry is the least favorite and get a punishment. Go on the official show website to vote on what they will get!

Each team will also get a new member that was voted in by America.

Join us next week for more Opposite Worlds! Goodnight!

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